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this is sick and unjust. gays are people to. read this if you sopport or are a gay of lesbian.


gay tolerance

On October 7th 1998, two boys lured a 21 year old male college student into their car. Once in, they began to beat and rob him. They then took him to a remote location where he was tied to a fence, pistol whipped, removed of his shoes, and left for dead in freezing temperatures. This man was only 5'2", 110 pounds. His name was Matthew Shepard, and he was gay.

The number of gays and lesbians in the world are increasing yet many of us are still in the mindset that it is okay to hate difference. Some feel as though homosexuals are weird, scary, or that they are going against god's will. Because of this many wish gays would just go away, or even die.

But being gay is not a decision, it is an urge. It is unsupressable just like that of heterosexuality. This urge is not east abd they do not suddenly wake one morning and say 'today, I will be gay.' In fact, many homosexuals (not all) wrestle with the notion of being gay for many years before they can finally accept it. And, although most of their pain is self inflicted, the majority of it also stems from the hate and ridicule that others put on them.

Not only is hate rude remarks or even physical damage, it is also ridicule and laughter. Remember Matthew Shepard? - Well, while he lay dying in a hospital, a group of students participating in a local parade put a stuffed dummy, which was tied to a fence, on a float. The dummy was beaten and had blood on its face. It was wearing a shirt that said 'I'm gay.' How cruel can you be for just a few laughs? (though, I'm not laughing)

But alas, it isn't just the people surrounding us that harass and condemn gays, even our own government does it as well. They have restricted right such as marriage and petty every day rights such as donating blood (which is a whole other rant). This system that we follow, this system that is supposed to show what we are as a country cannot even follow what it itself states. In the Decleration of Independece, it states that all men are created equal and therefor have equal rights. - Meaning all men and women get equal rights no matter what their sexual prefrences (or any other prefrences) are. back

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